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We are hardwired to tell stories. Jesus used parables to engage. Parents tell stories to children. Storytelling imparts wisdom to audience, in bite-sized portions. Stories help us make sense of a complex reality.

Love that binds

Discovering Self, Encountering God, Faith in Action|

When I was growing up, I had what many would consider a privileged lifestyle. I had tons of toys and branded clothes, attended enrichment programmes, and travelled the world with my parents. Yet, I always felt sad and empty as if there was something missing in my life.

In Search of Hope

Encountering God, Faith in Action|

Growing up, Roland was often left alone to his own devices as his parents were busy at work, he was distracted from studies with activities such as drinking and hanging out with his friends. At Boys' Town, he found his purpose in life – to help and serve others.

A Second Chance

Discovering Self|

When Marie had a stroke in 2018, she had to stop working. She was a cook in a kindergarten for seven years before, and now she felt dejected and worried about how she would cope financially.

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