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We are hardwired to tell stories. Jesus used parables to engage. Parents tell stories to children. Storytelling imparts wisdom to audience, in bite-sized portions. Stories help us make sense of a complex reality.

Passion for her mission

Encountering God, Faith in Action|

Every Monday, Mrs Mary Wee visits her Friends in Need (FINs) and the homebound in the East. She also visits residents at St Vincent’s Home and St Joseph’s Home weekly to pray with them. Her daughter-in-law joins her and plays an active role in her outreach at St Vincent’s Home now.

Loving My Angry Father

Encountering God|

“My father does not love us”, I believed. “He is responsible for tearing my family apart”. This incident left a mark on our relationship, and I began to live the coming days with a deep-seated anger brewing within. I was not interested in his life and was happy that he seemingly wasn’t interested in mine, either. This strained relationship between my earthly father and I soon grew to impact the way I viewed God as Father.

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