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Video Stories

Video Stories that will inspire you!

Journeying to a Better Me – Gabriel

Journeying to a Better Me For Gabriel, being part of his community has truly shaped his life and enabled him to live more authentically. Gabriel is a member of Emmaus Walk, a [...]

Pilgrims on a Journey – Daryl

Pilgrims on a Journey What does authentic friendship mean to you? For Daryl, it is when “you can be yourself, you can honest and share your brokenness. You don’t have to pretend [...]

Moving With the Spirit – Claudine

"What it really means to me is to be able to use all I have. Not just my gifts, but my very presence; to use my life as testimony and witness. Just being myself, and allowing Christ to come out of it however the Spirit leads.” This is what Claudine believes to be the call of the Great Commission.

What are You Waiting for?

It was through her mother’s devotion to Mary that Selena came to know of Our Lady. In her encounter with Mary, it birthed a desire to find out more about the Catholic faith.

Catching up with Fr Jovita (Part 4)

Fr Jovita's appreciation for the Church in Singapore In this video, Fr Jovita shares that his time in Rome has enlightened him to the vibrancy of the Church in Singapore, thereby creating a [...]

Catching up with Fr Jovita (Part 3)

Embracing the Journey In this video, Fr Jovita shares with us the importance of being open to where life might take us. When asked about the goals in which he would like to [...]

Catching up with Fr Jovita (Part 2)

What's Your Worth? In this 2nd video of a 4-part series, Fr Jovita encourages the students and young people. Many of our young people are under tremendous stress. They have to [...]