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Listening to His Call

Do you hear Him calling you? How would you listen and respond to His Call then? Is it your vocation to serve him?

Why would someone be moved to dedicate their life in service of others?

This section of the website is about Vocation Stories in Singapore. Each story tell of the personal struggles that each person faced and how through the grace of God, these people are able to fulfil God’s will for them and also fulfil their call to the priestly or religious life.

Purposefully Single

When I was a child, I thought there were only three types of singles: spinsters, nuns and priests. Since nuns and priests willingly give their lives to serve God, they choose to be single. [...]

Roadmap to Couple Spiritual Growth

Colin and Cheryl (not their real names) share how Retorno brought them back to where they first started serving together in a family ministry. A big U-turn after being away for eight years! They had experienced a period of dryness when routine had set in and the sense of purpose and mission was lost amidst the work. Through this weekend programme, Colin and Cheryl learnt to turn towards God as a couple again.

Love One Another As I Have Loved You

Fr Loiseau saw his life and the strength he possessed as a gift of God, and this life and this strength is truly “one life to live and one life to give”. There is nothing that can stop him from giving of himself, other than he himself.

Finding Faith Through Job Loss

Refusing to give up on their marriage gave Jason and Jenny the chance to reconnect with each other again. They hope their story can encourage and support fellow families to soldier on, knowing that God has a plan for them amidst the difficulties.

Faith is More Than a Feeling – Fr Terence Kesavan

Faith, like love, is much more than a feeling because it is a decision to trust in spite of our doubts and limitations. The world has been blessed because of one man's decision to offer his life in the service of others.

From Sceptic to Believer – Br Shaun Lim

Brothers and sisters in Christ, was there something that you disliked to eat as a child but as you were growing up, your taste changed and that something which you used to dislike has since become something delicious? Personally, I used to dislike bitter gourd.