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Listening to His Call

Do you hear Him calling you? How would you listen and respond to His Call then? Is it your vocation to serve him?

Why would someone be moved to dedicate their life in service of others?

This section of the website is about Vocation Stories in Singapore. Each story tell of the personal struggles that each person faced and how through the grace of God, these people are able to fulfil God’s will for them and also fulfil their call to the priestly or religious life.

The Arena of Dance

The Arena of Dance Dance: The rhythmic movement of one's body. A place where we can let go... and be free. Where one can exercise self-expression with their entire being - soul, [...]

Life as a Lay Dominican

In this video, Estella talks about the background of the Dominican Order, and her experiences as a lay Dominican. While she had always been involved in formation groups, she found that she was in search for something more. She desired to have a more stringent theological formation, which she finally found in the Dominicans.

A Story of Gratitude

This is a story of a man, who has jumped from one uniformed group to the next. When I was a boy, I was more fortunate than others. At least I had my father [...]

Catching up with Fr Jovita (Part 1)

Fr Jovita talks about his 5 year mark as a priest! In the first video of the 4-part series where we catch up with Fr Jovita all the way from Rome, he shares [...]

Thank God I’m Found!

I was baptised at 11 years old and joined the altar servers at my parish, St Michael’s for 13 years, before moving on to focus on my career. It was during this absence from [...]


My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, have you ever received a good return on an investment? What would your next course of action be? I don’t know about you, but I would likely [...]

Purposefully Single

When I was a child, I thought there were only three types of singles: spinsters, nuns and priests. Since nuns and priests willingly give their lives to serve God, they choose to be single. [...]

Roadmap to Couple Spiritual Growth

Colin and Cheryl (not their real names) share how Retorno brought them back to where they first started serving together in a family ministry. A big U-turn after being away for eight years! They had experienced a period of dryness when routine had set in and the sense of purpose and mission was lost amidst the work. Through this weekend programme, Colin and Cheryl learnt to turn towards God as a couple again.