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Faith in Action

What better way to tell Jesus we love him, then to live our life in the Faith that we embrace so dearly.

You Are Still My First Love – Br Brandon Ng

I was given an image of two different cars – one representing Marriage and the other, Priesthood. It was clear that both cars would lead me on a blessed journey and an awesome ride, yet I could only choose one.

Strength through Adversity

*Linda’s husband passed on six years ago after contracting HIV, leaving her and their son behind. Unfortunately, she discovered that she had also contracted HIV from him. Linda had promised her husband that she [...]

Reaching Out

It was the desire to serve the less fortunate in Singapore that prompted Br Collin to join the La Salle Brothers.

Honouring the Dignity of a Sister

The sisters in the community, as well as those whom I meet or see on the streets are not objects of men’s desire, but they too are God’s creation, made in the Almighty’s image and likeness. As a brother, I am invited to honor the dignity and the person as a sister.

Youth Will Find A Way

In 2012, *Jane was running around with undesirable peer groups and had a poor relationship with her mother. She came from an unstable background as her parents were divorced and she was staying in [...]

Giving Hope and Love to Those in Death Row

As a death row counsellor of Catherine Tan, who was involved in the Toa Payoh ritual murders, Sister Gerard was the face of Jesus to her, helping Catherine to repent and come back to God.

Souls’ Chef

Cooking is a passion I developed from my mother. I currently serve in the Kitchen & Service Ministry at Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC) following a very real, personal encounter with God during a CSC [...]

Jesus, the King of my Life

She explained that what I was looking for was peace and freedom, and that I had tried everything, except Jesus. I was baptised as an infant, but I [...]

A Compassionate Spiritual Father and Guide

Father Ignatius Huan has been shaping and moulding the lives of others – from secondary schools to the seminaries – for the most of his life. He shares with us the disappointments he encountered, how he overcame them, and his passion in spiritual direction and spirituality.