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Faith in Action

What better way to tell Jesus we love him, then to live our life in the Faith that we embrace so dearly.

To Love in Solidarity

A group of CHARIS volunteers went on a Mission Trip in Cebu and constructed bio-sand water filters in two villages affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

Protecting God’s Creation

Stefan’s love for animals started when he was in pre-school. He was always attracted to the animal section in encyclopedias. Whenever he visited the zoo, he would spend long periods of time at each exhibit looking for the animals or reading the facts from the interpretive.

The Long Journey of Foreign Brides

The dream of every bride is to have the perfect groom, and the happy-ever-after ending to her search for a family of her own, and maybe, a fairy-tale wedding. Too many couples will be [...]

Baring Our Wardrobes

What do you do with too many clothes? Donate or recycle them I say! A good friend and I were chatting about our closets and how we had too many items. How did we [...]

An Unexpected Delivery

In November 2016, Madam Yati (not her real name) flew from Indonesia to Singapore for a brief respite. She was invited by a friend to visit and was hoping the short holiday here would [...]

A Crack for Creation

Inspired by the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on Sept 1, as well as the growing call to care for our environment Cecilia vowed to think green. But it was certainly no walk in the park, as she found out.

Sharing through Baking

15 years ago, Lynie Porras Silao arrived in Singapore, excited and anxious about her new life working here. "Like many Filipinos," she explained, "when you are a bit scared, the first place you go [...]

Paying it Forward

Going to Church every Sunday does not make us Christians. As Christians, we are called to live our lives for others, just as Christ did. It was sometime in 2015 when one of us [...]

Life as a Lay Dominican

In this video, Estella talks about the background of the Dominican Order, and her experiences as a lay Dominican. While she had always been involved in formation groups, she found that she was in search for something more. She desired to have a more stringent theological formation, which she finally found in the Dominicans.