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Encountering God

Be inspired and take a closer walk with God with these inspiring God moments.

What are You Waiting for?

It was through her mother’s devotion to Mary that Selena came to know of Our Lady. In her encounter with Mary, it birthed a desire to find out more about the Catholic faith.

Thank God I’m Found!

I was baptised at 11 years old and joined the altar servers at my parish, St Michael’s for 13 years, before moving on to focus on my career. It was during this absence from [...]


My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, have you ever received a good return on an investment? What would your next course of action be? I don’t know about you, but I would likely [...]

Desperately in Need of a Saviour

Do you know God in a personal and powerful way? Anne felt God’s love for the first time at a camp. She did not really know what to expect but made a decision to open her heart up little by little to this God that she was slowly beginning to know.

Begin Again

When couples marry, they look forward to building a loving family and growing old with their spouses. Unfortunately, in reality, it does not happen all the time. Losing a spouse through death throws the other partner off his or her life course and creates a huge vacuum that takes a long time to fill.

Friendship between S’porean couple, Myanmar refugees spans 20 years

Fr Augustine and Sr Yolandar who grew up together in refugee settlements on the Thai side of Thailand’s border with Myanmar, discovered their vocations and eventually took their religious vows. During their journey from refugees to becoming a priest and nun, Michael and Joan Chan supported Fr Augustine and Sr Yolandar for about 20 years in a friendship that the younger pair describe as a family relationship.

Catechesis for a Catechist: Bringing Jesus to Others

Despite being a “cradle Catholic” and attending Catholic schools such as St Stephen’s School and St Patrick’s School, Alexander was in fact someone who was uninterested in the faith during his formative years. He shares how God has led him to this ministry and continued to transform him through it.

Coping with Grief through Faith

Greg and Elizabeth Krygsman lost their 24-year-old son suddenly in 2015. They were blessed to have family and friends come together to help with the arrangements for sending Andrew off. Yet, despite the support [...]

Encountering God and Hope in the Workplace

When undergraduate Joshua Chan, 24, struggled to find an internship during his third year at the National University of Singapore, he began to wonder if God was testing him. Discernment and prayer led him to consider an internship in a Catholic organisation, even though his peers were heading for roles with large corporations.