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Encountering God

Be inspired and take a closer walk with God with these inspiring God moments.

The Outsider

Do you ever long for the day where people won’t cram you into their own narrative—defining who you should be without ever getting to actually know you? I long for this day—deeply. I am [...]

A Mission Fulfilled

John and Joan are the proud parents of four beautiful gifts from God – their children: Julian 12, Jeanne 9, Joseph 6, and Joachim 3. However, God also gifted them with three unsuccessful pregnancies. [...]

The Freedom to Love as God Loves Us

Eugene and Trillion have been married for 20 years and have three boys aged between 14 and 18, the fruits of their love and God’s gift to them. They hadn’t heard about Humanae Vitae [...]

50 Days with Our Son

When Patrick and Lillian turned up for their scheduled scan in Lillian’s fourth month of pregnancy with their first child, little did they expect the news that was to follow. The doctor told the [...]

The Living Word

I received my first Bible as a gift from my wife who is a cradle Catholic back in 1998, a year before we were married. It laid in a pristine condition for a long [...]

Faith through Painful Challenges

My RCIA journey started with much resistance and reluctance. After some discernment and prayer, I attended the classes weekly as a candidate and understood better the Catholic faith, the rites and rituals through Msgr [...]

Conversion through Intercession

My Catholic journey began when a friend asked if I could to help to arrange flowers for the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd and I happily agreed. After one of my floral arrangement duties, [...]

What are You Waiting for?

It was through her mother’s devotion to Mary that Selena came to know of Our Lady. In her encounter with Mary, it birthed a desire to find out more about the Catholic faith.

Thank God I’m Found!

I was baptised at 11 years old and joined the altar servers at my parish, St Michael’s for 13 years, before moving on to focus on my career. It was during this absence from [...]