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Encountering God

Be inspired and take a closer walk with God with these inspiring God moments.

A Marriage Takes Three

When Joseph and Samantha first met through a mutual friend, love blossomed and after two years of dating, the couple married in 2012. Their belief that they needed only one another soon faded as [...]

Here I Am Now

I made a pact with God. He made good his end, but it took me some time before I did the same. But Lord, here I am now.

P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You Josh’s relationship with his parents was never a perfect one. In fact, conversations easily evolve into fights. He often believed that he needed to prove his worth in [...]

Looking Through My Lens

Looking Through My Lens They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Alan had been a photographer for many years, with his pictures having been featured in magazines like Her World, [...]

Now I See

Growing up in a Catholic family, I had always recognised the presence of God in my life and was content with the relationship I had with Him. Though I proclaimed to love God, I [...]

Depths of the Underworld and Back

You name it, chances are I have done it. I left school, without taking my ‘O’ Levels, to become a gang member. I was a pimp, a loan shark, chopped people during gang fights, [...]

He Meets Me

For the longest time, I thought that being born Catholic was a real burden because of the sheer number of rules we have to follow and I also felt weak having to rely on [...]

He is For Me

For me, Treasure was about encountering the Lord in a deep and profound way, rediscovering the person of Jesus and falling irrevocably in love with Him. God revealed Himself slowly to me during the [...]

Encountering God Through Cancer

When Jennifer Yeo was diagnosed with cancer of the sinus, a rare and deadly cancer that only affects one in 5 million people, it led her to encounter God even more deeply.