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Discovering Self

God created us for a reason. Do we know the gifts and talents that God has blessed us with?

Pilgrims on a Journey – Daryl

Pilgrims on a Journey What does authentic friendship mean to you? For Daryl, it is when “you can be yourself, you can honest and share your brokenness. You don’t have to pretend [...]

Moving With the Spirit – Claudine

"What it really means to me is to be able to use all I have. Not just my gifts, but my very presence; to use my life as testimony and witness. Just being myself, and allowing Christ to come out of it however the Spirit leads.” This is what Claudine believes to be the call of the Great Commission.

Catching up with Fr Jovita (Part 4)

Fr Jovita's appreciation for the Church in Singapore In this video, Fr Jovita shares that his time in Rome has enlightened him to the vibrancy of the Church in Singapore, thereby creating a [...]

Purposefully Single

When I was a child, I thought there were only three types of singles: spinsters, nuns and priests. Since nuns and priests willingly give their lives to serve God, they choose to be single. [...]

Desperately in Need of a Saviour

Do you know God in a personal and powerful way? Anne felt God’s love for the first time at a camp. She did not really know what to expect but made a decision to open her heart up little by little to this God that she was slowly beginning to know.

Empty Womb Aching Heart

Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples, and most of us have either experienced it at some point in our lives or known someone who has gone through it. Yet, this cross is hardly spoken about, much less understood.

Begin Again

When couples marry, they look forward to building a loving family and growing old with their spouses. Unfortunately, in reality, it does not happen all the time. Losing a spouse through death throws the other partner off his or her life course and creates a huge vacuum that takes a long time to fill.

Encountering God’s Healing Love for the First Time

National Service had been a period of both physical and spiritual exhaustion for Lucas. By the time he completed his duty early this year, he found himself drained and desiring a renewed relationship with God. Lucas shares about the first time he encountered God’s healing love.